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    Ayodhya Residents Bear Dust And Discomfort For A Promising Future

    Inam Ansari
    June4/ 2023
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    Ayodhya Residents Bear

    Ayodhya: Ayodhya, the birthplace of Ram Lalla, is seeing a complete makeover in its infrastructure with various development works underway in the holy city.

    The infrastructure and layout of the city has never seen such a scale of transformation before.

    Roads across Ayodhya have been dug to lay fresh sewer lines, forcing residents to face the problem of water-logging and dust.

    The sewer drainage is being prepared by digging eight feet deep pits in many areas including the 'Ram Path' of Ayodhya.

    Though the residents are facing some trouble due to the ongoing work, they are happy that soon Ayodhya will emerge as a completely different city on the world stage when tourists from all over the country and abroad will start reaching here.

    The civic body here is working on a war footing to complete the drainage system work and connect it to the houses before the onset of the monsoon. Municipal Commissioner Vishal Singh told IANS that a GIS-based master plan has been approved for Ayodhya this time and it has been decided that the natural features of the city will not be disturbed at all.

    "Construction has been going on since long ago and we have marked the places where construction has been done and they are being revised through patterns. Revival of the Tamsa and Tilorki rivers was done last year, after which many people have got a lot of relief from water-logging."

    According to the old map available with the municipal corporation, where there are ponds or water bodies they are being restored through excavation.

    The municipal corporation, besides ensuring the natural drainage pattern, is also working to remove encroachments and increase the catchment area. Singh said that "we endeavour to complete all our ongoing projects by September-October".

    The civic body is completing the work related to roads, drains and lanes on a priority basis so that the people coming here can get a feel of a well-developed city.

    On the one hand, the residents are facing discomfort due to the dust throughout the day, while on the other hand they have to deal with water-logging due to the eight-feet pit dug in front of their houses.

    Several residents have locked their houses and shifted to other places due to the ongoing construction of the 'Ram Path'.

    But despite all the discomfort, the people are happy that soon their city will have state-of-the-art facilities and are patiently waiting for the completion of the ongoing work.

    Ayodhya mayor Girish Pati Tripathi has said that the work of sewerage and drainage on the Ram Path is ideal. The Ram Path will have all sewerage lines, gas pipelines, and electricity cables underground. It will be a 'smart road'.

    The work to widen the road on the Ram Path by 20 metres is also being carried out by the civic body. —IANS