Assamese film 'The Woodcutter' premieres its trailer at Cannes

    The Hawk
    May22/ 2024
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    Produced by Dr. JV Manisha Bajaj and Tarsem Antil, the film explores the tension between tradition and modernity through the story of Bonojit, a folk musician, and his daughter Munu.

    The Woodcutter Assamese film

    Cannes [France]: Amidst the glitz and glamor of the Cannes Film Festival, the Assamese film 'The Woodcutter' premiered its trailer at the Bharat Pavilion.
    The event featured notable attendees, including Hollywood actress Judi Beecher, Swedish producer Therese Anselmsson, South African producer Maynard Kraak, and American producer and distributor Raaj Raahi.
    Produced by Dr. JV Manisha Bajaj and Tarsem Antil, and directed by Prakash Deka, 'The Woodcutter' is set against the backdrop of a rapidly changing world and explores the conflict between tradition and modernity through the story of Bonojit, a 40-year-old folk musician, and his daughter Munu, who challenges her father's profession and its impact on their family.
    Dr. JV Manisha Bajaj expressed her excitement about the film's debut at Cannes, and said, "We are thrilled to share the trailer for 'The Woodcutter' with audiences at Cannes. This film is a testament to the rich tapestry of Indian storytelling and the universal themes it explores."
    Tarsem Antil, on the other hand, spoke about the importance of showcasing the film at Cannes.
    "Cannes is the perfect platform to showcase the talent and dedication that went into creating this film. We hope that audiences worldwide will be captivated by the story of Bonojit and his journey to find harmony amidst chaos."
    'The Woodcutter' was selected for the NFDC Screenwriters Lab in 2021 and has since received three official selections at international film festivals. The film delves into themes of love, sacrifice, and the enduring power of music, portraying Bonojit's struggle to preserve his craft amidst societal judgment and personal turmoil.
    The cast, led by Baharul Islam, includes Sharmistha Chakravorty, Pratibha Choudhary, and Prajalika. The film's musical score is composed by national award winner Tarali Sarma, and the sound design is by national award winners Amrit Pritam and Debit Shanghai.