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    Army jawan who faked assault by 'PFI' activists in Kerala police custody

    The Hawk
    September26/ 2023
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    Army jawan

    Thiruvananthapuram: The Kerala Police on Tuesday took into custody an Army jawan who falsely claimed that he was abducted and assaulted by six men, who left him after painting "PFI" on his back on Sunday night.

    Hours after multiple teams of Kerala Police started their probe, the police smelt a rat when they questioned Shine Kumar, the jawan who registered the assault complaint.

    On Monday, the police then summoned his friends to appear before them. During interrogation, his friend Joshy spilled the beans and said that he helped Kumar on his insistence. He was also taken into police custody.

    "He asked me to paint a few letters on his back. First I heard it as DYFI, he then corrected me saying it's PFI. I first tore his shirt from the back and then painted as asked," said Joshy.

    "He also told me to beat him, but I could not. He felt the act would give him instant fame," added Joshy.

    After questioning Joshy, the police reached his house and took away the green paint and the brush. As part of evidence, the police located the paint shop from where they had purchased it.

    Shine Kumar is presently attached to the Army unit of his at Rajasthan and this stage managed act was done a day prior to the last day of his leave.