Angelina Jolie faces legal setback in battle with Brad Pitt

    The Hawk
    May23/ 2024
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    In a major update on the ongoing legal feud between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, the Los Angeles Superior Court has ordered Jolie to hand over all non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) signed in the past eight years.

    Angelina Jolie with Brad Pitt

    Washington: In a significant development in the protracted legal battle between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, a Los Angeles Superior Court has ordered Jolie to turn over all non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) she has signed over the past eight years.
    This decision is the latest twist in their ongoing dispute over the ownership of their USD 500 million French winery, Chateau Miraval, as confirmed by Page Six.
    The court ruling mandates that the 'Maleficent' star must produce within the next month all non-privileged documents in her possession, custody, or control that respond to Pitt's legal team's requests.
    A source close to Pitt described the ruling as a "crushing blow" to Jolie, who had previously argued that producing the NDAs would be "expensive," "wasteful," and "unreasonable," as well as an "invasion of privacy" for third parties involved.
    As per Page Six, the documents in question likely encompass NDAs related to Hollywood employers, brands, and personal staff, potentially containing sensitive information about Jolie's compensation and contracts with third parties.
    The court's order also requires Jolie to provide a list of any documents she considers privileged, enabling Pitt's team to evaluate her claims of privilege.
    The Oscar-winning couple has been embroiled in a legal dispute that has extended beyond their divorce, particularly focusing on the Chateau Miraval winery.
    Jolie's legal team has accused Pitt of attempting to control her through an overreaching NDA, which she claimed was intended to cover Pitt's personal misconduct unrelated to the winery.
    This dispute reportedly hindered an agreement for Jolie to sell her stake in the winery to Pitt, leading her to sell her shares to a subsidiary of the Stoli Group instead.
    Pitt has contested the sale to Stoli, alleging that Jolie acted unfairly in finalizing the deal without his consent.
    According to Page Six, a source aligned with Pitt noted that this ruling represents another pre-trial victory for him.
    However, Jolie's attorney, Paul Murphy, framed the decision differently, stating, "Common NDAs are simply not comparable to Mr. Pitt's last-second demand to try and cover up his personal misconduct."
    He emphasized that the court's acknowledgment of the NDAs' potential relevance to the case is significant, hinting at the broader implications for Pitt's conduct.
    Murphy added, "We welcome that transparency in all parties' discovery responses, including Mr. Pitt's. Angelina looks forward to the eventual end of this litigation with its false narratives that continue to hurt the family and interfere with their ability to heal."
    According to Page Six, a source close to Jolie assured that the NDAs are unlikely to be exposed during the trial.