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    All RSS-backed NDTF candidates win DU teachers' body polls

    Pankaj Sharma
    September28/ 2023
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    DU teachers' body polls

    New Delhi: A day after the Delhi University Teachers' Association (DUTA) 2023 elections were held in which all the RSS-affiliated National Democratic Teachers' Front (NDTF) candidates won, defeating the Democratic United Teachers' Alliance (D.U.T.A.) by a huge margin.

    Apart from these, other winning NDTF candidates were Trimbak Chumbak received 6,929 votes, Abha Dev (6,918 votes), Amit Singh (6,816 votes), Rudrasish Chakraborty (5,688 votes), Sudhanshu Kumar (5,264 votes), A. N. Sachin (5,197 votes), Devanandan (4,939 votes), Bimalendra Tirthankar received 4,769 votes, Anand Prakash got 4,517 votes, Anil Kumar received 4,296 votes and Sanjeev Kaushal got 4,109 votes.

    One Left-affiliated Democratic Teachers' Front(DTF) and one Congress-backed Academics for Action and Development (AAD) candidates lost the DUTA elections.

    Delhi University Professor Hansraj Suman said that in the first round for the post of DUTA President, Ajay Bhagi received 1,548 votes and Aditya Mishra got 1,516 votes. However, the counting of the second round is still going on.

    There is a direct political fight between RSS-backed NDTF and Democratic United Teachers' Alliance (D.U.T.A.) in the ongoing DUTA elections.

    This time, around nine teachers' organisations from different ideologies have formed an alliance named 'Democratic United Teachers' Alliance'.

    The alliance includes groups like Democratic Teachers' Front (DTF), AAP-backed Academic for Action and Development Delhi Teachers' Association (AADTA), Indian National Teachers Congress (INTEC), Delhi Teachers’ Initiative (DTI), Samajwadi Shikshak Manch (SSM), Common Teachers’ Front (CTF), Independent Teachers’ Front for Social Justice (ITF-SJ) and 'voice of DU Ad hocs'.

    The NDTF has fielded A.K. Bhagi for the post of DUTA Chairman while the D.U.T.A has fielded Aditya Narayan Mishra as their joint candidate.

    After nearly a decade, due to permanent appointments and promotion of teachers in universities and colleges, the highest polling of votes took place.

    Of the 9,565 members, 8,187 teachers cast their votes in the DUTA elections held on Wednesday that is, 85 per cent teachers cast their votes.

    Hansraj Suman, Chairman of Forum of Academics for Social Justice, has said that in this year's teacher's body election, young teachers and those who have become permanent teachers from adhoc posts have exercised their votes more.