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    AIMPLB Elects New President

    Inam Ansari
    June5/ 2023
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    AIMPLB Elects New President

    Lucknow: Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani has been elected as the fifth President of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) during a two-day executive meeting held at Mhow in Indore, the official statement said.

    The seat had been vacant since April after the demise of the former occupant, Maulana Rabey Hasani Nadwi.

    According to the statement, the Board's newly- elected President also announced appointees for the vacant portfolios of the AIMPLB.

    "Maulana Fazlur Raheem Mujaddidi was appointed the new General Secretary of AIMPLB, replacing the Board's previous General Secretary Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani," the statement added. —IANS