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    After backlash from Cong & AAP, Gujarat govt unveils relief package for flood-hit farmers

    The Hawk
    September23/ 2023
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    Ahmedabad: The Gujarat government on Saturday introduced a special relief package for the farmers affected by the recent flooding caused by the overflowing Narmada River in Bharuch, Narmada, and Vadodara districts between September 16 and September 18.

    Previously, the ruling BJP had faced criticism from the opposition, including the Congress and AAP, who accused the party of insensitivity toward the flood-affected residents in low-lying areas, and labeled the situation a "man-made disaster."

    Following a report on the estimated damages incurred by standing crops in the three districts due to the river flooding, the government has decided to allocate a special relief package from the state budget, in addition to the State Disaster Response Fund (SDRF), to assist farmers in recovering their losses.

    Earlier, Congress spokesperson Manish Doshi pointed out, "Despite heavy rain in Madhya Pradesh and continuous monitoring of water levels in the Narmada dam, SSNNL officials did not release an adequate amount of water on September 15 and 16. Instead, they waited for the dam to overflow on September 17, causing massive flooding downstream."

    The relief package will benefit farmers who have suffered a loss of 33 per cent or more in agricultural and horticultural crops during the kharif season 2023-24 in the affected villages, as declared by the district administration, with a maximum cap of two hectares.

    For non-irrigated agricultural crops, affected farmers will receive Rs 8,500 per hectare as per SDRF norms. For irrigated agriculture and rainfed horticulture crops, they will receive Rs 8,000, in addition to Rs 17,000 per hectare as per SDRF norms. Perennial crops will receive assistance of Rs 15,000 per hectare, in addition to Rs 22,500 paid as per SDRF norms.

    Similarly, for perennial horticultural crops with a loss of 33 per cent or more, farmers will be eligible for assistance of Rs 1,02,500 per hectare.