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    Adept At Changing Appearance, UP Police Work On Guddu Muslim's Possible Disguises

    The Hawk
    May1/ 2023

    Guddu Muslim

    Prayagraj: Guddu Muslim, the main accused in the February 24 murders of lawyer Umesh Pal and his two police guards, has been eluding the police for over two months now.

    Guddu was caught on camera hurling crude bombs at Umesh Pal during the incident. The CCTV footage of him lobbing bombs had gone viral on social media after the attack.

    Officials investigating the case now say that they are changing their strategy to arrest Guddu Muslim.

    "Sources have told us that Guddu Muslim is adept at changing his appearance and disguising himself. We have prepared sketches of him in various disguises - with or without a beard and moustache. Guddu might have also changed his name and may be living at his hideout with a Hindu identity. He may be even living as a beggar outside a temple and we are investigating all possibilities," a senior police officer claimed.

    Police officials said Guddu Muslim had fled to Jhansi and then Meerut after Umesh Pal's murder. After staying at gangster-politician Atiq Ahmed's sister Ayesha Noori's home, Guddu went to Delhi, police claimed.

    Before the police and STF team could find his location, Guddu left Delhi for Ajmer. His location was also traced to Madhya Pradesh, Odisha and Chhattisgarh, officials added.