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    A man dies after a concrete road slab falls on him in Rohini

    Pankaj Sharma
    December30/ 2022
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    New Delhi (The Hawk): While working on a water pipeline near Rohini's Lal Quarters area, a piece of concrete road fell on two guys, one of them, 25 years old, died from his wounds while the other is still receiving hospital treatment.

    The incident occured on Wednesday, and Harender has been named as the victim. Sonu, who was hurt in the incident, is still receiving medical care at the hospital. An official stated on Friday that his status is stable.

    According to a senior police official, on December 28 at 7:25 p.m., the Vijay Vihar police station received a call about two men who were mending a water pipe line nearby Lal Quarters when a section of the concrete road with soil collapsed on them, trapping them under rubble.

    Harender passed away from his injuries while receiving treatment, according to the official. "Acting on the call, a police unit raced to the location, and both the injured were promptly brought to the hospital," he said.

    According to the police, a case has been filed at the Vijay Vihar police station under sections 287, 304-A, 337, and 34 of the Indian Penal Code, and an investigation has begun.

    (Inputs from Agencies)