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World Bank to assist Nagaland's scientific farming

The Hawk
November15/ 2022

Kohima (The Hawk): According to officials, a 12-person World Bank team is in Nagaland for a five-day visit in an effort to encourage scientific farming and combat the consequences of climate change.

The World Bank team, which arrived in Kohima on Sunday, has already met with the Nagaland government officials, according to a senior state government official.

On Monday, the World Bank team met with the technical committee and core committee for the Enhancing Landscape and Ecosystem Management (ELEMENT) project.

The visiting World Bank team was given an explanation of the state's agricultural situation and various farming practises by Nagaland Agriculture Production Commissioner Y. Kikheto Sema.

The World Bank representatives discussed the ELEMENT project's overview, concept, scope, preparedness, government permissions, justification, economic analysis, DEA readiness filter, and timetables.

In addition, the visiting team met with representatives from the Land Resources Department, went to the GIS campus, and had a meeting with the GIS team.

The World Bank team, which will be split into two groups, will travel to several locations on Tuesday, including the "Jhum" (slash and burn) field in Chiechama, the Naga Integrated Settled Farming-NISF project in Boke-Botsa, the Sendenyu Community Biodiversity Reserve, the Khonoma and terrace field, the traditional agroforestry field, and biodiversity protected areas in Dzuleke.

Along with meeting Nagaland Chief Secretary J. Alam on Wednesday, they would discuss the essential problems with the environment, forest, climate change, and agricultural and associated sectors.

The delegation would tour the Nagaland Bamboo Mission, Nagaland Beekeeping and Honey Mission, and the Organic Market at Chumoukedima before leaving Nagaland on Thursday.

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