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Woman beaten for refusing "wife-swap"; husband, in-laws booked

The Hawk
October18/ 2022

Jaipur (The Hawk): A man has been charged with assaulting his wife after she refused to participate in a wife-swapping scheme in Bikaner, along with his mother and sister.

The victim woman said in her FIR that her husband put pressure on her to exchange wives and engage in physical contact with his pals. When she objected, he beat her and sexually assaulted her, compelling her to engage in unnatural intercourse.

The woman is a Bhopal inhabitant.

She has a husband who works as a hotel manager in Bikaner. His name is Mohammad Ammar. At a Bhopal police station, a case has been opened against him.

When the woman declined Ammar's marriage proposal, she said that she was labelled "dumb" and "uncultured." The wife claimed that her husband was an alcoholic and drug addict who had sex with both girls and boys.

According to the Bhopal police, the woman moved in with her parents two months ago. At the moment, her mother was on the road. The woman described her ordeal when she came back. Then, her mother prompted her to report a crime to the police.

Ammar has been evading authorities ever since the complaint was filed.

In addition, the woman claimed that her mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and husband had all sought a dowry of Rs. 50 lakh. She claimed that despite her repeated requests to "become modern," her in-laws never listened to her objections.

The woman also claimed that the assaults, which persisted for months, caused her health to decline.

(Inputs from Agencies)