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Urdu Departments Of Universities Should Play Important Role In Promoting Language: Prof Safdar Imaam Quadri

The Hawk
February20/ 2023

Prof Safdar Imaam Quadri

Lucknow: Urdu department of universities and colleges, and they should play an important role in the promotion of Urdu language, Professor Safdar Imaam Quadri, one of the speakers at All India Urdu Conference said on Sunday.

While speaking at the Conference at Arif Castle Hotel in Lucknow, Professor Qdari also pointed towards lack of coordination in Urdu department of colleges and universities.

"Another big problem in promotion of Urdu is that there is no public body for it, where we all can sit together and address the issues. There is a need for such centres where Urdu is taught especially in non-Urdu circles in all cities of the country," he said.

The conference was organized by the Urdu Foundation of India and Najab-ul-Nisa Memorial Trust under the Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Memorial Committee, Lucknow, in which professors and intellectuals from various states and important universities of the country participated and expressed their views on the present status of Urdu.

Qadari further said that the people should raise their voices against the governments if they try to reduce the budget of institutions and Urdu academics.

"If the government reduces the budget of government institutions, Urdu academies, and the national council for the promotion of the Urdu language, then we should raise our voice together, it is our right, and love for Urdu is also needed. The leadership of the Urdu department of universities and colleges is becoming weak. Universities are producing less creative people and more critics and researchers. What is needed is to focus on creativity," he added.

Padma Shri Professor Akhtar Al Wasi, in the presidential speech, said that Urdu is not the language of Muslims only.

"I am not ready to believe that Urdu is the language of Muslims only, as long as there are people like Janaki Prasad in this country, Urdu has no limit," he said.

Professor Sharab Rudaulvi said that it was the human mindset that pulled the Urdu language "back".

"We can keep Urdu alive by forming an organization for the survival of Urdu," he added.

JNU Professor Khwaja Ikramuddin said that Urdu is the language that gave birth to India's civilization and culture.

"Urdu is the language of communication and the fastest-growing language in the world. We should take the help of technology; this will strengthen our language," he added. —ANI