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UP guy pushes girl to tattoo his name; arrested

The Hawk
November22/ 2022

Lucknow (The Hawk): A 25-year-old nursing student has been detained for coercing a female into writing his name with a blade on her private regions and then posting the footage online.

At knifepoint, the accused threatened the young woman. If she didn't obey, he even threatened to kill her parents.

The individual was the subject of a FIR filed by the victim's parents, who were age 21.

The victim and the accused are both enrolled in a private Lucknow nursing programme, according to the FIR.

Both currently work as interns at the CHC near the mall.

Chiranjeev Nath Sinha, ADCP for the West, said, "The alleged defendant, Avendra Sonwali, made friends with the young woman and obtained her mobile number in order to carry out his evil schemes. He began communicating with the girl via WhatsApp calls. Despite the fact that she had not given her consent, he told the girl that he loved her and that he wanted to marry her. He also went to the girl's room and, while holding a knife, recorded several pornographic movies. He gave the victim a choice: be married to him or suffer the consequences."

According to the ADCP, he recently made a video call to the girl again and threatened to kill her and her parents if she did not agree to marry him.

On the video conversation, he instructed the girl to show him her blood.

The victim was forced to take up a blade by Avendra, who then slashed her hand and chest to display her blood on camera.

He later posted the video on social media, and when the girl's parents learned of it, they filed a complaint, according to Sinha.

According to the girl's recorded statement given to the police and a judge on Monday, which served as the basis for the arrest, said Sinha.

(Inputs from Agencies)