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UP guy is imprisoned after answering his conscience

The Hawk
November14/ 2022

Muzaffarnagar (The Hawk): Salman Ahmed is currently imprisoned due to a call of conscience. Salman, age 27, murdered his friend Mohammad Hassan and buried his body in his room four years ago.

However, his conscience continued to bother him, and three days ago, when he encountered Hassan's brother at a funeral, he confessed to killing his brother.

The victim's body was unearthed, and Salman was arrested.

According to Salim, the brother of the deceased, Salman asked him if he was still hunting for his missing brother while Salim was attending a burial in the area.

"When I responded affirmatively, he urged me to cease my search since 'he is no more'. Then, Salman revealed to me that he had murdered Hassan and hid his body in his chamber. I did not initially believe him. "Two days later, he posted a video to social media in which he claimed to have murdered my brother," said Salim.

On Saturday, Salim and other villagers went to Salman's residence and excavated the room's floor, where they discovered the remains of Hassan.

The police arrived at the scene after receiving the information, confiscated the body, and arrested Salman.

Rakesh Kumar Singh, deputy superintendent of police in Khatauli, stated, "After the bones of Hassan were discovered, we filed a case against Salman under section 302 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code and incarcerated him.

"Salman and Hassan were romantically involved. When Salman wanted to end the relationship, Hassan objected. Salman summoned him to his home, where he executed him with a sword. The incident occurred in November of 2018.