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Two more days of Sisodia's custody for CBI

The Hawk
March4/ 2023

New Delhi: On Saturday, a Delhi court granted the CBI a further two days to hold former deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia, who was detained in a corruption case involving the excise policy.

The agency was ordered by Special Judge M K Nagpal to bring the Aam Aadmi Party leader to court on Monday.

After bringing Sisodia before the court at the conclusion of his initial three-day remand, the CBI requested an extension of his detention for an additional three days.

Sisodia's attorney argued against the CBI's request for remand, stating that the agency's inability to complete the investigation cannot be grounds for remand and that his client cannot be compelled to incriminate himself.

Sisodia argued against the CBI's request for remand, claiming that non-cooperation cannot be used as a basis for imprisonment.

After the judge's ruling, Sisodia testified that, despite the CBI's good treatment while in detention, the constant queries were mentally taxing.

The court then ordered the CBI to desist from interrogating him further.

Outside and within the Rouse Avenue Courts building, there was a significant security presence.

A group of AAP backers gathered outside and chanted slogans in protest.

On Sunday night, the CBI made an arrest in connection with corruption allegations stemming from the development and implementation of the abandoned liquor policy for 2020-21.—Inputs from Agencies