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Tour-De-Sanawar Annual Cyclothon Was Organized By The Lawrence School

The Hawk
November7/ 2022

Annual Cyclothon

Shimla (The Hawk): The event was the paragon of advocacy for environmentalism in response to the rising AQI levels in Delhi and other metropolitan locations. Being the most environment-friendly mode of transportation along with being the most convenient, cycling is an adaptable alternative to fossil-fueled vehicles which was successfully conveyed with the organization of the event on the campus. With the adoption of a Green Diwali as far back as in 2018. Sanawar has always led the way for climate change advocacy and has continued to do so. Sanawar, with its 139-acre large campus and the forest and purity of nature that it had to offer to the cyclists, was undoubtedly the ideal location for such an event to have taken place. Safety, being the paramount concern of the school and the Old Sanawarian Society was ensured seamlessly by the team of Marshalls and event officials from Hero Cycles, the sponsors of the cyclothon. The Executive from Hero Cycles for the event, Mr. Kshitij Gupta also highlighted the concerted efforts which are underway to introduce cycling into schools and how Sanawar has made a significant contribution by helping them in doing so.

Rehaan Kumar bagged the first position among boys in the Under-14 Category while Manya Kapoor stood first among girls. In the Above-14 age group, Ishaan Deshwal and Ananya Goyal stood first among the boys and girls respectively. Delegations from professional cycling organizations such as Hero Action and MTB Himachal also participated in the cyclothon. Mr. Sanad Goyal, even with a prosthetic leg, participated in the race as he has done in so many others and is a true exemplification of the school’s motto, “Never Give In” and was awarded a token of appreciation for the inspiration that he instilled in all.

The Chief Guest of the event was Mr. Sandeep Kumar, I.A.S., Managing Director of the Himachal Road Transport Corporation and a cyclist, who himself took part in the cyclothon and whose passion, as stated by him, when it comes to cycling goes sky high and beyond. Cyclists from North India and North Indian Schools, including a delegation from Bhavan Vidyalaya, Chandigarh participated enthusiastically in the event. The event was thoroughly enjoyed by the cyclists and is one that will be looked forward to by all.