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To curb drug peddling, Coimbatore police to directly communicate with public

The Hawk
September24/ 2022

Chennai: The Coimbatore city police are planning to directly communicate with the local population in an effort to curb drug peddling in the community.

A senior police officer told IANS that this is an initiative wherein the police will directly interact with the public or take policing to the doorsteps of the city's residents.

He also said that officers will be deployed in every area of the city to receive information from the general public on anti-social activities taking place in their localities.

The main focus, according to officers, is to curb drug peddling and the police believe that if locals are taken into confidence, then it may lead to directly curbing the menace.

In Kerala, a community policing scheme involving local residential associations has been a major success. Under the 'Janamaithri Policing', the deputed police personnel meets the residential association office bearers once a week and get input on the activities taking place in the area.

The telephone number and contact details of the police personnel are provided to the residential association office bearers who can contact the police personnel.

The Coimbatore city police have 15 stations under four divisions. The city police are planning to divide these areas and then provide one or two officers in charge of each locality.