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Thieves steal cash & jewellery from Raj MP's home

The Hawk
December30/ 2022

Jaipur (The Hawk): Hanuman Beniwal, the leader of the Rashtriya Loktantrik Party (RLP) and a member of parliament from Nagaur, had a property in Jaipur when burglars broke in and stole numerous items, including cash and jewellery made of gold and silver.

On Friday morning, a FIR was filed at the Jalupura police station, according to information supplied by Beniwal himself on his Twitter account.

The Rajasthan MP reported the theft of expensive antiques, jewellery, and cash from his home to the Jalupura police station.

Beniwal claimed in the report that the burglars broke into the home and took Rs. 1.5 lakh, four gold bracelets, four rings, silver coins, antiques, kitchen faucets, and quilts and blankets. The case has been reported to police, who have also begun an inquiry.

The crew was sent to the scene, according to Jalupura officials, after they learned about the event. It is being examined what was captured on the area's CCTV. Also established in this is the special cell for the same district. The police have promised to apprehend the criminals soon.

Announcing that his home is 100 metres from the police station, Beniwal questioned the effectiveness of the police. He remarked, "What will happen to the regular people when theft is recorded at the MP's home in the Jaipur Commissionerate?

In addition to telling the police and ACS Home about the theft at his home, MP Beniwal claimed to have also informed both organisations. Although the police have opened a case, nothing has happened to date. According to Beniwal, his home is where he keeps priceless things that people have given him.

Given the breakdown of law and order in the state and the lack of fear displayed by thieves and other criminals, Through his tweet, Beniwal disparaged the police.

The theft of MLA Bhai Narayan Beniwal's Scorpio from his Shyam Nagar apartment was reported on July 16. He is a member of Hanuman Beniwal's political party. After two days, the car was discovered in Jodhpur. What would happen to the common man, according to Narayan Beniwal, "when the car carrying the MLA's sticker was stolen?"

(Inputs from Agencies)