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The curious case of stolen Pitbull in UP's Meerut

The Hawk
September29/ 2022

Meerut (Uttar Pradesh): At a time when Pitbull dogs are making news for all the wrong reasons, this is a story with a twist. 

A Pitbull dog in Meerut was stolen by four persons who took it away in an e-rickshaw.

The Pitbull after some time, started attacking the four thieves who then tied the dog at the gate of the Chaudhary Charan Singh university and fled.

As the news of the Pitbull theft spread, several people started offering food and sweets to the dog in the hope that he would get friendly with them but the dog remained in a hostile mood.

The police posted a photograph of the dog on social media, but found many people claiming to be the dog’s owner.

Finally, in the evening, the dog’s owner Subhash Chaudhary came to the police station and seeing him, the Pitbull immediately recognised his owner.

The Pitbull was finally handed over to the owner.