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The BJP criticises Gehlot for calling the Shraddha murder case "an accident."

The Hawk
November22/ 2022

Jaipur (The Hawk): The violent murder of Shraddha Walkar by her live-in partner in Delhi has drawn criticism from the BJP in Rajasthan for Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot's description of the incident as "an accident." ".

Speaking to the media about the murder investigation, Gehlot had stated: "There is an event. Accident caused the incident. It is nothing new. Inter-caste and inter-religious marriages have been practised for millennia; the practise is not new.

"You (the BJP) have targeted one community, one religion, and your politics are being conducted inside the nation on the basis of that. You are benefiting from it. It is quite simple to assemble people and form mobs in the name of caste and religion. While starting a fire is simple, putting one out is really challenging. Buildings take time to construct, but they can be destroyed in under 30 minutes."

In response to Gehlot's comments, Satish Poonia, the state president of the BJP, expressed regret that such a "gruesome incidence may also be described as a typical phenomenon and the reasons that are provided after that cannot be of logic but sophistry." ".

"If anyone is most impacted by this incident, it is Rajasthan. It is a fight of mindsets about how love jihad and religious conversion are being accomplished through a well-planned scheme. If the state's home minister makes such a comment, it is quite reckless, and I strongly oppose it.

The Chief Minister is attempting to defend that it was a routine affair, therefore it appears that the feeling around the Shraddha murder case has no impact on him "Poonia threw in.

BJP MP Diya Kumari of Rajsamand, who also denounced Gehlot's remarks, called them "an attack on the Hindu religion." ".

This encourages the growth of violent crime against women. It is unacceptable for the Chief Minister of Rajasthan to defend such acts "Added she.

(Inputs from Agencies)