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The Assam government would reimburse failing applicants' examination fees

The Hawk
November7/ 2022

Guwahati (The Hawk): The Assam government released the written exam results on Sunday in order to fill around 11,000 grade 3 positions in the state's various departments.

The state government has chosen to refund the exam fees paid by the candidates who did not advance to the next stage of interviews, even though nearly twice as many applicants were chosen for those open positions and will appear in a second round of interviews.

A minimum of 8–10 lakh applicants applied for the grade 3 state government positions and sat the written exam.

According to the state government's chief minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma, only successful applicants will have their fees retained.

"We will reimburse the exam registration expenses for anyone who was unable to pass the written test. It would be carried out using the bank accounts that they used to pay the fees, he continued.

This year, the tests were administered on August 21 and 28. There were 26,442 open positions overall, with 13,300 grade 3 and 13,341 grade 4 positions. Results for grade 4 posts were previously announced.

(Inputs from Agencies)