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Telanganians are not easily intimidated, says Kavitha

The Hawk
November23/ 2022

Hyderabad (The Hawk): TRS lawmaker K. Kavitha made it plain on Wednesday that the people of Telangana cannot be frightened, criticising the Centre for "using" various agencies to "target" the Telangana ministers and other leaders.

Kavitha, the chief minister's daughter, said that the BJP deployed federal agencies to attack opposition party leaders after its effort at horse-trading failed.

The Telangana Legislative Council member reportedly made reference to both the recent searches by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) at granite enterprises owned by kin of the civil supply minister Gangula Kamalakar and the continuing Income Tax (IT) raids on Labour and Employment Minister Malla Reddy.

Speaking to TRS members in Yellareddy, the former Nizamabad MP charged the BJP with intimidating political figures.

The only strategy the BJP employs, according to Kavitha, is "Ram-Ram Japna, Paraya Leader Apna," which calls for the use of government agencies to "harass" opposition party leaders if the party "fails in its horse trading endeavours."

If the BJP had committed no wrongdoing, why were its leaders avoiding the Special Investigation Team (SIT) investigation into the poaching of MLAs and going to court instead?

According to Kavitha, the BJP lacks organisational clout in Telangana, thus they are "misusing" their influence and resources to "threaten" the leaders of other parties into joining them.

She asserted, "We are the people of Telangana, and we cannot be endangered. We will struggle, triumph, and always be there for our people.

Kavitha claimed that as the state's assembly elections draw nearer, the BJP is "harassing" an increasing number of figures with broad appeal, particularly the well-known faces, ministers, and MPs of the TRS Party.

She also charged the BJP for cutting the 13 crore beneficiaries of PM Kisan Nidhi down to just 3 crore. She asserted that the Raithu Bandhu scheme of the KCR-led TRS government was the model for this particular scheme. She claimed that the BJP cares more about publicity stunts and PR than the welfare of the general populace.

(Inputs from Agencies)