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Teachers in this UP district cannot wear jeans or T-shirts

The Hawk
October14/ 2022

Muzaffarnagar (The Hawk): Teachers in Muzaffarnagar's government schools and colleges have been warned not to wear jeans or T-shirts because they may give students the 'wrong impression.'

Gajender Singh, the district inspector of schools (DIOS), stated, "During a school inspection, I noticed some teachers wearing jeans and T-shirts in the classroom. I cautioned them against taking such a casual approach. I've just sent out a memo about the dress code."

The circular threatens'strict action' against any teacher found breaking the rules.

Singh continued, "It is a disciplinary issue. The dress code should be adhered to by principals as well as students and teachers. Students are positively impacted when teachers appear modest. Students will then copy their teachers at that point. Teachers who are female are also subject to this directive. They must dress in a salwar-kameez or sari."

According to the DIOS, anyone who disobeys the order will face departmental action and a negative entry in their record book.