Dineshpur (The Hawk): Para badminton player Ku. Prema Vishwas was honored for participating in the competition in Japan.

Ku Prema Biswas, an international para badminton player from the region, has been selected for a badminton competition to be held in Japan. A felicitation ceremony was organized by Joddar Tata Magic Jan Kalyan Samiti Dineshpur. In which committee president Tarun Joddar and Nagar Panchayat President Seema Sarkar, Village Pradhan Vikas Sarkar, Himanshu Sarkar were honored by wearing shawls and giving mementoes. In the same sequence, the President of the Bengali Employees' Upgradation Committee, Dineshpur unit, Mr. Chandrashekhar Biswas and Secretary, Mr. Sadanand Rai were also honored with a memento and best wishes for the excellent performance of the game. In the same program all the journalists of Dineshpur Press Club were also honored with PAN Diary. Chairman Mr. Tarun Joddar has announced along with all his colleagues in the honor of Ku. Prema Vishwas that fare will not be charged from any differently abled people for coming to Dineshpur, Rudrapur in Tata Magic. Manoj Rai, Sunila Mistry, Raju Gaine, Vicky, Projit Mandal, Satyajit Vishwas, Sukumar Sarkar and all the people of Tata Magic Union were present on this occasion.

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