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TN Medical University wants CMC Vellore's ragging report

The Hawk
November10/ 2022

Chennai (The Hawk): The Christian Medical College (CMC), Vellore, has been asked to submit a report regarding the racial incident involving first-year MBBS students to the Tamil Nadu Medical University.

Seven senior students have received suspensions thus far.

Following media reports on the suspected ragging of first-year students, university registrar Dr. Ashwath Narayan requested a report from the college.

Notably, despite the Vellore police and Chief Minister's Office being mentioned in the tweet that first exposed the ragging incidence, no FIR has yet been filed against the ragging offenders.

Seven senior students were suspended as a result of their suspected involvement in the ragging, Dr. Solomon Satheesh told the media.

Following an internal investigation, a college-created internal inquiry commission suspended the students. The college has yet to report the incident to the police, though.

After the ragging event went viral, the prominent college attracted media attention. Male college students were forced to walk while still wearing their underpants while being doused with water from a nearby house.

(Inputs from Agencies)