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Shrikant Tyagi will begin a campaign in collaboration with the Tyagi community

The Hawk
November1/ 2022

Muzaffarnagar (The Hawk): In preparation for an uprising against the BJP, the Tyagi community is mobilising. Shrikant Tyagi, a BJP official who had recently been freed from prison, met with members of the Tyagi community in Muzaffarnagar on Monday night and announced that the community was preparing to host a conference of the Tyagi-Brahmin societies shortly.

Following an altercation over unauthorised encroachments a few months ago, Shrikant Tyagi assaulted and verbally attacked a woman who lived in his Noida community. He was charged under the Gangsters Act and the applicable IPC sections.

He claimed that the BJP supporters who are also part of the Tyagi society are uneasy. "We are going to make a significant decision in the next few days, which will be made public following the holding of an enormous rally in the NCR, shortly."

In this aim, Shrikant Tyagi has been travelling to villages with a sizable Tyagi population.