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Session On Film Studies Held At Shoolini University

The Hawk
February26/ 2023

Session On Film Studies Held At Shoolini University

Shimla (The Hawk): The Belletristic Shoolini Literary Society at Shoolini University organised a session on film studies. The main speaker of the session was Professor Manju Jaidka, Dean Faculty of Liberal Arts and Ancient Indian Wisdom, Shoolini Univrsity, she delivered an insightful session on film studies.

Dr Purnima Bali began the session with a welcome note and introduction of the speaker, which was followed by Prof Manju Jaidka's captivating presentation. She explained that controversy, passive viewing, and some invisible factors behind the film could all be challenges for film studies. To tackle the challenges, Professor Jaidka informed the audience that they should be familiar with the ongoing discussions of the film and come up with fresh observations. She also addressed the four processes for film studies: summary, evaluation, analysis, and synthesis.

Prof. Jaidka also shared that reading a film requires understanding the story we perceive and how it unfolds on the big screen, as well as recognising the formal elements that comprise film language. Prof. Nasser added that film studies are a mixed study of film history, production, culture, and so on. Dr. Nisha Kapoor questioned why Indian films focused more on actions, violence, and darkness. Dr. Navreet Kaur Sahi inquired about the difference between film and television adaptations. The discussion progressed with insightful observations by Prof. Tejnath Dhar, Dr. Siddarth Dadhwal, and Mr. Neeraj Pizar. Dr. Purnima Bali concluded the session with a vote of thanks and the announcement of the upcoming Belletristic sessions.