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Sajid Khan takes over as the new house captain on "Bigg Boss 16"

The Hawk
November15/ 2022

Mumbai (The Hawk): After taking first place in the contentious reality competition "Bigg Boss 16" challenge, filmmaker Sajid Khan was awarded the title of captain and given additional authority to rule the house.

In the most recent show, Bigg Boss revealed that the captaincy task will involve touring the house, with Sajid acting as the tour guide.

I will take over as captain this week, Sajid declared.

Tina also stated that she wanted to be the captain. I want to be captain man too, she added.

Rapper MC Stan said during the captain selection process that if Tina is chosen, nobody will follow her orders.

However, when Sajid was selected to serve as the captain, everything went wrong. Tina and Sajid got into a furious disagreement after he pledged to support her, and she dubbed him a "flipper."

Benefits were altered as well once Sajid was named the new captain of the house. The two candidates who would share a room with Sajid will be exempt from chores and protected from nominations, according to Bigg Boss' voice.

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