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SRMIST's VC Conferred With Honorary Colonel Rank

The Hawk
February19/ 2023

Great Honour For SRMIST Vice Chancellor

Chennai (The Hawk): The fame of SRMIST (SRM Institute of Science and Technology) reached the skies when its Vice Chancellor Professor Dr C Muthamizhchelvan was conferred with the rank of Honorary Colonel in recognition of his services to the National Cadet Corps during the Pipping Ceremony held on February 18, 2023. The Dr T P Ganesan auditorium at SRMIST was filled with thunderous applauds as the chief guest Lt Gen A Arun YSM SM VSM, General Officer Commanding of Dakshin Bharat Area did the honours of presenting the rank and the badge to Professor Muthamizhchelvan in the presence of guest of honour Commodore Atul Kumar Rastogi, Deputy Director General of NCC Directorate (TN, P & AN).

Lt Gen A Arun brought out the difference between a nation and a country. A country indicates the geographical boundaries and a nation is about people, it is something that brings people together and unites them with a notion that they belong to a nation, Lt Gen A Arun. There are symbols that convey the spirit of nationhood and for India, it is Tiranga (national tri-colour flag). Building a nation is a process that is a continuous one and contribution to it comes from all sections, said the Chief Guest. SRMIST is an institution that has been playing a significant role in the process of nation-building. The honour bestowed today is a recognition of the services towards empowering the nation, he said.

Commodore Atul Kumar Rastogi said that the work done by SRMIST in promoting the activities of NCC deserve many praises. The institution has a reason to be proud as many of its cadets have won best cadet awards at the All India level. About 40 students from SRMIST have joined armed forces, he said. Addressing the cadets Commodore Atul Kumar said that the chief elements required to progress in life were awareness, balance, courage, discipline and thinking. There must be awareness of one's capabilities and strong points to form a strategy for progress. One should know how to maintain a perfect balance between various essential things in life. Courage to make choices and abide by them is also a must, said Deputy Director General Atul Kumar Rastogi. Discipline is also an essential element one has to inculcate in order to progress to higher levels in life. Right thinking is an essential ingredient too it helps to choose the right way in life.

Professor Muthamizhchelvan said it was a matter of great pride to be bestowed with this honour and he went on dedicate it to the institution. Though there were no opportunities for him to become a part of the armed forces, he had a great interest in them. He also said that the award has motivated him to enhance his contributions even in the years to come. Professor Dr C Muthamizhchelvan has become the fifth Vice Chancellor of SRMIST. It is interesting to note that he is a homegrown talent of SRM. He has been a part of the institution for more than 35 years.

Dr C Muthamizhchelvan began his career in SRM as a lecturer in Department of Physics. He rose to significant positions in the organization over the years through his magnanimous contributions. SRMIST Registrar Dr S Ponnusamy, SRMIST and Lt Col Dr A Ravikumar, Pro Vice Chancellor, SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre were also present.