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SC asks the Center for files about how Arun Goel became the Election Commissioner

The Hawk
November23/ 2022

New Delhi (The Hawk): On Wednesday, the Supreme Court demanded that the government agency submit the paperwork pertaining to the nomination of Commissioner Arun Goel, who was chosen on November 19.

Given that Goel had only recently been granted a voluntary retirement from service, a five-judge Constitutional bench led by Justice K M Joseph said it wants to ascertain whether there was any "hanky panky" in the nomination of Goel as election commissioner.

The bench overruled the attorney general's objections to the court's willingness to view the documents pertaining to Goel's appointment while the hearing was ongoing.

According to Venkataramani, the court cannot consider a particular case raised by attorney Prashant Bhushan because it is dealing with the bigger issue of the nomination of ECs and the chief election commissioner (CEC).

I have major issue with this, and I have my doubts about the court viewing the file while a Constitution bench is considering arguments, the man stated.

The bench stated that it began hearing the case last Thursday and that Goel's appointment took effect on November 19 as a result. As a result, the panel wants to know what caused the action.

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