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Russian tourist was arrested for using a satellite phone in Goa

The Hawk
December31/ 2022

Panaji (The Hawk): A Russian national was arrested by police in South Goa on Saturday of using a satellite phone which is banned in India.

Ilyas Abdrakhinov, a 49-year-old Russian citizen, said during the interview that he was unaware of the prohibition, according to Colva Police Inspector Filomeno Costa.

"He is a contractor by trade, and he told us that he travelled to numerous foreign nations with this satellite phone and found no problem there. As a result, he brought it to Goa as well. The call was tracked and the satellite phone was found when he used it to call his mother at home, Costa told IANS.

He said that he was intercepted by the intelligence team and that the infraction had been reported.

The police reported that "he had travelled to Goa for vacation on December 28 with his wife and two children."

Under Sections 6 of the Wireless Act and 20 of the Telegraph Act, the offence has been recorded.

He will appear in front of the court.

The case is still being looked into by the police.

(Inputs from Agencies)