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Ransom and Murder Accused Nabbed By Police In Speedy Action

Arvind Chauhan
January14/ 2023

Kartik Haridwar Murder Case

Haridwar: An investigation into the slaying of a young guy in Haridwar, Uttarakhand, has been brought to light because the ransom money was not paid. In the neighbourhood of Ram Dham Colony in Haridwar, a young man who was operating a pathology lab was kidnapped. The kidnappers initially demanded ransom money from the young man's relatives, but when they refused to give it, the kidnappers killed the young guy. 

According to the source’s, Bahadarabad resident Kartik operated a pathology laboratory at Ram Dham Colony of Ranipur Kotwali. When Karthik failed to return home on Thursday, his family began searching for him. Not knowing anything, his father Prem Chand reported his disappearance to the Bahadarabad police station on Friday morning. Meanwhile, on Friday evening, the kidnappers contacted Karthik's mother using her son's mobile phone in order to extort a ransom of seventy lakh rupees. Karthik was also threatened with death for refusing to give the money. Consequently, a case was registered under CRPC-161 and then missing report was converted to 364/A. 

The senior superintendent of police Ajay Singh constituted a police team under Rekha Yadav (SP Crime), Swatantra Kumar (SP City) and Niharika Semwal (CO) Jwalapur. On investigating, the police succeeded in identifying Nipendra through CCTV footage. On being interrogated, Nipendra admitted to have killed Kartik with the help of Shahdat Ali living at Dadupur on rent. In a speedy action, the dead body was recovered from the bathroom of the rented room. The mobile forensic team rushed to the spot and began to collect evidence. Shahdat Ali had been doing the job of sampling for the last eight months while Nipendra had joined just 3 months ago. Aware of the fact that Kartik was the only son of Prem Chand who owned a house worth 70-80 lakh, Shahdat Ali and Nipendra conspired, planned and executed the crime. They had planned to throw the dead body into the nullah and escape with the ransom money but were nabbed by the police. The senior superintendent of police Ajay singh has declared a sum of rupees one lakh to the police team.