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Rahul's Chanakya

The Hawk
March18/ 2023

Rahul Gandhi, Chanakya

Soumitra Bose

New Delhi (The Hawk): Rahul's Chanakya 24x7x365: omni intelligent, sharp(est), incisive, witty, gutsy, educated, astute tactician, not truthful (unless really required and truly felt by him), not hypocrite (his "the quality"), not camouflaged, not anachronous (he vigorously dances on Naatu, Naatu...; what to talk of his rendering of "Edeilweiss...of 1964), not incongruou (equal in World Bank as well as in "rural affairs" as also in 10-*, 24 Akbar Road) , perfect strategist, shrewd executor + world-pally + 24x7 up to date on 'all'. No fooling him but be fooled by him is the vibe he elicits when he seen with X-ray scrutiny, say those who know and interact with him day in, day out...To Rahul Gandhi, he is "Pandit Chanakya" complete with 2023+'s "Sutra/s" for all aspects of (top most) power likened to pointed pinnacle of the crest, reveal insiders. On his part, Rahul Gandhi attentively listens to him as also uses his "own sense of equanimous jurisprudence" while taking a decision. So far, analyse know-alls, its all going OK for Rahul, "Tomo-rrow's Titan".