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Possibly not a $50 pencil with the next iPhone from Apple

The Hawk
November25/ 2022

San Francisco (The Hawk): According to reports, tech giant Apple has abandoned its intention to include the $49 Pencil with the new iPhone.

In order to save money, the Apple Pencil did not include pressure sensitivity or a rechargeable battery; instead, it was powered by an internal chip through the iPad or iPhone screen.

In comparison to the prices of the first-generation and second-generation devices, which are $99 and $129, respectively, the unreleased Apple Pencil would have cost $49.

At their presentation in September 2022, the tech giant was slated to debut the new Apple Pencil, codenamed "Maker" or, more likely, "Marker."

According to the story, the corporation allegedly got as far as to mass produce more than a million of the items before abruptly cancelling the launch for an undisclosed reason.

The tech giant included compatibility for the Apple Pencil's "Scribble" in the German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese languages in the iPadOS 14.5 beta released in February of last year.

Prior to that, the business introduced an Apple Pencil function dubbed "Scribble" with iPadOS 14, allowing users to scribble in any text field on the iPad, with the handwritten text subsequently being turned into typed text automatically.

Only English and Chinese were supported when Scribble initially went live.

(Inputs from Agencies)