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Pandemonium, Eh?

The Hawk
March16/ 2023


Soumitra Bose

New Delhik (The Hawk): Pandemonium, Eh? Democracy not at all in siege though. Freedom of Speech/es, Expression/s and the like remain unobtrusively without any ado of any kind whatsoever be what that be, freely, fearlessly express insiders. They admit, "yes, the House-Proceedings are disrupted, stalled due to repeated hullabaloo, slogan shouting, "down-down", "Hi-Hi", disruptions etc but the citadel of the world's largest democracy, Indian Parliament, evinces, Democracy in India is fully alive and 24x7 thriving knowing no obstruction of any kind whatsoever. That's because, Bharat Mata Ki Jai; Hindustan Sarvapari; Hamara Bharat Mahan; Bharat Sarvapari...So, pandemonium, eh, will not in any way hamper Parliament, admit commentators, insiders, observers.