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On Delhi-Dehradun Highway, Rishabh Pant injured in a car accident

The Hawk
December30/ 2022

Roorkee (The Hawk): According to police, Indian cricketer Rishabh Pant was injured in a car accident on Thursday close to Roorkee in Uttarkhand.

The cricketer was travelling from Delhi back to his home when the accident took place close to Hammadpur Jhal.

The doctors report that Pant has wounds on his forehead and leg.

Dehat Swapna Kishore Singh, the superintendent of police, arrived at the location after receiving the information.

Rishabh is being reffered from Roorkee to Delhi at this time because of his stable condition, according to Dr. Sushil Nagar, chairman of Saksham Hospital.

Witnesses said that Rishabh's car hit the railing and caught fire.

The fire was was brought under control after much struggle.

Rishabh, who suffered serious injuries in the collision, was also taken to Saksham Hospital on Delhi Road.