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OTT has provided numerous possibilities to theatre actors and writers: Mishra Kumud

The Hawk
November15/ 2022

Jaipur (The Hawk): Kumud Mishra, a Bollywood actor who was in Jaipur on Monday for the AWWA Lit Festival's 'Abhivyakti' Season 2, claimed that OTT has provided theatrical actors and writers more options.

He said when asked if OTT had reduced the theater's size: "Only a matter of time will tell (Samay samay ki baat hai). Everything has its own beauty and space, but you never know what trends will be popular at any given time."

The smell of the stage and the audience members seated in front also appeal to him greatly, he continued, adding that he loves theatre. He continued, "Theatres cannot and will not perish.

Given that he graduated from Rashtriya Military School, when questioned why he chose not to enlist, he responded, "I've always had a strong desire to join the Army, and I really miss it. My classmates are primarily in the military. I sit with them, see them in uniform, and relive those lost moments in this way."

He explained his response by saying, "I passed the SSB, but during the interview, I mentioned theatre. When interviewers questioned why I was still interested in joining the Army despite being so passionate about the theatre industry, I said that I was there to avoid upsetting my parents."

He chuckled and remarked, "But now I'm performing Army characters," adding that he will return to Jaipur with his play, "Dhumrapaan."

Mishra credited Alok Chatterjee and Nasser bhai (Naseeruddin Shah) as his inspirations.

He responded, "If there are good films, people will come and watch, and if those are not good, there is no need for a boycott because people will stop going to cinema halls," in response to a question regarding the Bollywood boycott movement.

Speaking about the OTT release of his movie "Jogi," he called the 1984 riots a "sad chapter in Indian history."

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