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Mini Qutub Minar Opened For Tourists After Renovation

The Hawk
January2/ 2023

Mini Qutub Minar

New Delhi: Hastsal Minar, a minaret resembling the Qutub Minar, has been opened for the tourists after renovation, in the capital.

The tower, commonly known as the Mini Qutub Minar, was built in 1650 by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, and was being renovated after its wall got damaged.

The tower has three floors at present, as compared to five earlier. Built with red coloured stone, the height of the Minar is 17 metres.

A narrow staircase to reach the top is present in the tower, along with a tunnel.

It is expected that all of these features will attract the tourists to visit the historical tower.

The premises of the Minar have become a favourite holiday destination for tourists and locals ever since it was reopened.

Locals and tourists have demanded, lighting arrangements be made so that they could be able to see the tower at night.

Like all historical buildings, the Hastsal Minar is also opened after sunrise and is closed at sunset. «IANS