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MCD elections, BJP anticipates winning 32 or more seats in 2 districts

The Hawk
November25/ 2022

New Delhi (The Hawk): All parties have increased their preparedness as the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) election draws closer, with the BJP claiming to win more Assembly seats than it did in the 2017 MCD poll.

Based on current conditions in the national capital's Naveen Shahdara and Keshav Puram districts, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) anticipates defeating the Aam Aadmi Party by a larger margin (AAP).

In order to win 100% of the seats this time, Naveen Shahdara has 20 seats with 50% female BJP candidates. In the 2017 MCD election, the BJP lost 12 of the 20 seats.

BJP President Manoj Tyagi told IANS that Naveen Shahdara, "Because our district was one of the riot-affected districts, we are optimistic that we would win every Assembly seat this time. People have witnessed how hard we worked for them. We continued serving people on the streets even throughout COVID-19. Plus, we have seats with a 50% female representation that are well-received, particularly among female voters, and consistently handle local issues."

Following delimitation, Keshav Puram now has 18 seats as opposed to 15 during the 2017 MCD election. Eight women now hold BJP seats in this district, seven of which are brand-new for the MCD election. More than 12 BJP seats could be won in this district.

In addition to the other parties, 423 candidates from the BJP, 334 from the Congress, 149 from the BSP, 31 from the JD(U), 20 from AIMIM, and 9 from the CPI have submitted their nomination papers (M).

With 507 candidates, Independent candidates have the most nominations overall. AAP is second with 492 candidates. In the approaching elections for civic bodies, the AAP, BJP, and Congress, three major parties, will face off against one another.

(Inputs from Agencies)