Mysuru: Karnataka Forest Department sleuths have undertaken an operation to catch leopards prowling in Heggadadevanakote town in Mysuru district, creating fear and panic among residents.

The local people explain that the leopards enter residential areas and have been attacking livestock and dogs for 2 months. People are scared to come out of their houses when it is dark and in the morning.

The CCTV cameras have recorded two big cats prowling in the farm lands close to Stadium Layout of the town. The leopards have been attacking and taking away goats, poultry and dogs which are found in homes.

People recount that initially, their domestic animals started disappearing from farms and homes. They came to know about leopards few days later when they were seen roaming the farms in daylight.

Fear-stricken people are not able to go to their lands to carry out agricultural work.

Locals say that the leopards will surely target humans soon and before any tragedy takes place, the Forest department must catch and rehabilitate them.

The Forest department has launched an operation to catch the prowling felines. They have placed two trap boxes and deputed guards and staff members to patrol the town and surrounding areas.—IANS

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