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K'taka: Man held for indecent videos, raping teenage girl

The Hawk
November23/ 2022

Mandya, Karnataka (The Hawk): On Wednesday, Karnataka police detained a man on suspicion of creating pornographic movies of a young girl, blackmailing her, and raping her.

Yunus Pasha, 25, has been identified as the person who was arrested.

Yunus Pasha, a married man, allegedly made friends with the young girl and gave her a cell phone.

Later, he had begun speaking with her on the phone, taking private pictures of her, and recording their video talks. The accused took advantage of their friendship and entered the girl's home while she was alone with her grandma.

He demanded that she give her grandmother sleeping drugs or he would threaten to post her personal videos and images on social media. The accused sexually assaulted the victim when she dozed off.

The girl's parents noticed peculiar behaviour when they got home. The young girl sobbed and described her experience when they interrogated her.

They eventually reported this to the police.

Additional research is being done.

(Inputs from Agencies)