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JR director of a fictitious CBI is lobbying for a company-held "No Entry" permit

The Hawk
November28/ 2022

New Delhi (The Hawk): A man from Tamil Nadu Bhavan in Delhi was detained by the Centre Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Monday for allegedly posing as the agency's joint director and attempting to influence officials to grant a private company a "No Entry" permit.

"Kovvi Srinivas Rao lobbied Delhi Police to grant 2000 vehicles owned by the company "Porter" a "No Entry Permit" (approval for vehicles to operate during "No Entry" restriction times in Delhi). He was soliciting favours from strangers and deceiving regular people "explained the official.

The CBI recently learned through a tip that the accused had been passing himself off as an IPS officer and joint director of the CBI. He was requesting payments from unidentified private individuals to influence public officials for favourable outcomes in a variety of situations, including those reported by several central investigative agencies.

"He interacted with many people and gave favourable resolutions to a variety of issues that were up for consideration by government officials. Rao sought expensive gifts from them, alleging that senior government officials needed to receive them first "added the official.

On November 22, Rao travelled to New Delhi and made accommodations at the Madhyanchal Bhawan and Tamil Nadu Bhawan. He was having meetings with both public officials and private citizens.

Rao pretended to be a senior CBI official and informed Vinay Handa that he was in charge of the organization's officer cadres and would set up his younger son's employment.

After receiving the information, the CBI filed a case under IPC sections 419 and 420. At Tamil Nadu Bhawan, the CBI set a trap, and they detained him.

(Inputs from Agencies)