New Delhi / Dehradun: Further strengthening their military ties, India and US would be holding their regular Yudhabhyas series of wargames in the Auli area in Uttarakhand near the China border.

The exercise planned many months in advance would see the two armies practice counter-terrorist operations along with many drills during the exercise, Army officials said.

The exercise would be held from October 18 to 31 in the mountainous terrain in the area which has seen the additional deployment of assets and troops in the last two years, they said. The Americans are in a tense relationship with the Chinese due to the Taiwan issue while the Indian military has been in a standoff with them since May 2020 timeframe.

This would be the 18th of the Yudhabhyas wargames between India and the US to help enhance interoperability between the two sides. The two armies had last held the wargames in Alaska where they carried out drills in extremely cold conditions. —ANI

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