San Francisco: Tesla CEO Elon Musk is highly active on Twitter these days, also it seems that he is fond of replying regularly to a Pune-based Indian Software developer, Pranay Pathole who is working for Tata Consultancy Services.

On Monday, in a tweet Musk said that he is not running Pranay's Twitter account. Pranay tweeted, "Many people think that @elonmusk runs my Twitter account. And it's TRUE. He's a super busy guy, building rockets, making life multiplanetary, building futuristic electric vehicles, digging tunnels. And somehow he finds time to run multiple Twitter account. YES ".In response to the tweet, Elon replied, "Haha I don't even have a burner Twitter account! I do have a cheesy secret Instagram account, so I can click on links that friends send me."Pranay has more than 1.6 lakh followers on Twitter. Elon and Pranay are friends on Twitter and Elon are pretty often spotted replying to Pranay's tweets.—ANI

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