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Hoshiarpur Literature Festival To Be Held On March 4

The Hawk
March2/ 2023

Hoshiarpur Literary Society

New Delhi: The Hoshiarpur Literary Society, is all set to host its third edition of the Hoshiarpur Literature Festival on March 4 at the newly set-up District Digital Library in the city.

A one-day affair, the festival promises to inspire conversations and debates on matters of military, diplomacy, policy, religion and history, besides a jam session on poetry.

Authors include Lt. Gen KJS (Tiny) Dhillon (Retd) ('Kitney Ghazi Gaye, Kitney Ghazu Gaye'). Ex-Raw Chief AS Dulat ('A Life in the Shadows: A Memoir'), Navtej Sarna ('Crimson Spring'), Amy Singh ('Dak to Lahore'), and Amardeep Singh, who will be presenting his 24-part documentary on the travels of Guru Nanak.

"We have a very formidable list of authors and moderators, and I hope the people of Hoshiarpur avail themselves of this opportunity to hear first-hand about topics that are close to their hearts", said Khushwant Singh, author, and patron of the society, who has been instrumental in shaping the soul of the Hoshiarpur Literary Society.

The festival is part of the Hoshiarpur Literary Society's campaign 'Padhda Punjab, Vhadha Punjab' (Punjab will grow if it reads).

Sanna K Gupta, the President of the society, added, "One of the mobile libraries will be converted into a bookstore at the Literature Festival." —IANS