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Himalayan Echoes To Be Held In Nainital On Oct 8-9

The Hawk
September28/ 2022

Himalayan Echoes

New Delhi: The Himalayan Echoes Literature Festival will host its seventh Edition in a physical avatar after a two-year-long gap. This year's theme for the festival is C.A.L.M. -- Creativity. Art. Literature. Mountains.

A platform created for dialogues about the Himalayas, and also committed to promoting books, poetry, and research associated with the mountains, the organisers believe in delving deep into the cultural diversity and unity of the Himalayan people and hence endorse local and regional art, craft and farm produce inspired by sustainable work ethics.

Founded by Janhavi Prasada, author and social entrepreneur, the festival has been mentored by Namita Gokhale, writer and co-Director for JLF.

The two-day festival will be hosted at Abbotsford House, a heritage homestay which is also home to Prasada and her family. This picturesque property is a hidden gem, tucked away in a corner of Cheena Peak.

India's foremost food chronicler, Rushina Ghildiyal, who is writing a book on Uttarakhand's indigenous cuisine, will be leading the session on 'Culinary Culture of the Mountains'. A session on tigers by Daleep Akoi on the legendary hunter and conservationist, Jim Corbett will be steeped with recent history and nostalgia.

Another session by Vir Srivastava evoking the romance of the annual regattas of Nainital lake, an age-old tradition, will bring to life a culture that is so close to the mountain folk.

There will be food, local Kumaon delicacies, wine tasting in the evening, day cocktails in the sun and fabulous view of Abbotsford, the location of the festival and some steaming hot cups of coffee throughout the duration of the sessions.

A Kumaon Bazaar will showcase some regional wellness products, award-winning Knitwear brands that involve mountain village women, handicrafts and Aipan art. Ajay Bijli, Chairman & MD, PVR Cinemas will be performing live with his music band 'Random Order'. He will also be discussing the cinematic influence of mountains in his session, 'Cinema Cinema'.

"Himalayan Echoes is a celebration of mountain voices from across the northern belt of India. It's a gem of a festival where arts, crafts, local cuisine and music come together under one banner. It is the only mountain festival in India that has an ?environment' at its core. That is why I also call it the 'environment festival' of India. This October we are celebrating the theme of C.A.L.M post-pandemic." says Prasada

"Himalayan Echoes is a joyous and inspirational festival rooted in the culture and heritage of the mountains. C.A.L.M. celebrates the creativity, art, literature and music of the Himalayan region," adds Gokhale. —IANS