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He Corona

The Hawk
March17/ 2023

yog guru

Soumitra Bose

New Delhi (The Hawk): He Corona, Or, Discoverer Of Newest Anti-Corona, 100% already proven on him by he himself. And he's abs free from it. Thus he's now He Corona...You Believe It Or Not, Newest 10K-Year-Old Anti-Yoga Mudra has been resurrected by that Yog Guru M almost out of blues from the 'yet-inaccessible-lairs' in deep Himalayas, reveal his just appointed "Chela No. 1". Says he that Guru M (he wants his name revealed after the USA, UK, Europe et al acknowledge, approve, apply, spread his anti-Corona Yog) wiï reveal the moment he gets the Nobel Prize for his 1st-in-world discovery. Till then for his own security reasons, avoidance of leakage, he wants to be away from all sorts of public glare. Once his mission fully accomplished, he will be in public glare, says the above, to be revered as He Corona.