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Grandmas Move Heaven And Earth For Their Grandchildren

The Hawk
July22/ 2022

Vinod Chandrashekhar Dixit

23 rd July is celebrated as the National Gorgeous Grandma Day. The Day embraces the age of the nana and encourages all women to flaunt their granny attitudes with purpose and style. The word ‘grandmother’ seems so ageing. A key part of the image of grandmas is that they are old, however that is defined. But not only do many older women not feel old, many are indeed not that old at all. For these, telling other people that they are a grandma’s brings a pleasurable response. Most of us have been blessed with grandmas. But, some of us are lucky enough to have spent more time with them compared to others. Grandmas are a blessing in disguise as they shower our love on us and guide us through the right path. As children grow up they always look up to someone special in their life, someone that they can trust and is always there for them. This person is someone they admire and hope to be like someday. The only real aim of grandma’s life is service and sacrifice and she deserves appreciation, love and respect in our family.

The busiest member of our family is our grandma and she is the most significant wheel within the family vehicle. The most evolutionarily fit grandmas have the most grandchildren, to whom they pass on their longevity-promoting genes.

Grandma is important to my life, and shows us what is the most valuable in life. From what people struggle with can change our aspect in life. It can teach people that their families can struggle with similar things and they can have the best advice and knowledge to help. No other woman in our life will quite compare to our grandma. She’s the ultimate friend, and she always has the best advice to offer us. Grandmas love everything and everyone. She will love almost every significant other we bring home, even if he or she is absolutely unfit for us. Grandmas have an unconditional love for their grandchildren. They have a number of possible roles in their grandchildren’s lives.

Grandmas have reached a point in their lives where they don't take life too seriously. Our grandma will laugh at all of our jokes and will teach us how to not sweat the small stuff. One source of the image of a grandma is a woman’s own grandma. Some have strong memories and feel that they have been influenced by the nature of their own grandmother. Believe it or not, our grandmas can help us see our parents in a different light through anecdotes and stories to tell – stories that we will enjoy and even treasure.

With decades more of life experience under their belts, the best advice can sometimes come from our grandmas, who can then set us on the right path. Grandmas have made it too far in life to give up on anything. As grandchildren, it is our duty to care for and appreciate the seniors in our family. The time we have on this earth is short, but the time we have with our grandparents is even shorter.—The Hawk Features