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Four principles guided the design and architecture of T2 at Kempegowda International Airport

The Hawk
November11/ 2022

New Delhi (The Hawk): Terminal in a Garden, Sustainability, Technology, and Art & Culture are the four guiding ideas that have impacted the design and architecture of the new Terminal T2 at Kempegowda International Airport.

According to officials, Terminal 2 was created as an homage to Bengaluru's Garden City and is intended to give passengers the feeling of taking a "walk in the garden." The 10,000+ square metres of green walls, hanging gardens, and outdoor gardens that passengers will pass through were entirely created in India using local technology.

On Friday, the Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi opened Terminal 2 (T2).

Passengers get a unique experience because to T2's size and thoughtful design. T2 has 90 check-in counters and attempts to make check-ins quicker. The security check areas are also simple to use. The two-level domestic and international retail spaces, as well as the lounge areas, are designed to offer picturesque views of the surrounding vegetation.

In addition, 19 boarding gates (for Code C comparable aircraft) are accommodated on the L-shaped piers, which are pushed away from the main complex and offer plenty of room for mobility. The inside of the terminal are covered in engineered bamboo that was influenced by traditional Indian cane weaving, giving the terminal a modern yet timeless appearance.

According to officials, T2 is a pioneering "Terminal in a Garden" that elevates BLR Airport to the position of ideal continuation of Bengaluru city's green aesthetics. Passengers are intended to feel as though they are strolling through a garden as they approach the terminal and the area surrounding it. Passengers will be treated to a visual feast of greens from the moment they enter the BLR Airport site via the Main Access Road (MAR) until they enter T2 and then board aircraft at the piers.

Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) MD and CEO Hari Marar stated: "We have increased our capacity to accommodate 25 million more passengers annually with the opening of T2. T2 is unique not only because of its size and scope, but also because Bengaluru City served as inspiration. T2 was created as a terminal in a garden and represents what Bengaluru is known for: a green, cutting-edge, creative, sustainable, and culturally diverse city. With this upcoming phase of expansion, BLR Airport hopes to establish itself as the new Gateway to India after 14 years as the Gateway to South India."

(Inputs from Agencies)