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Finally, Jacket!

The Hawk
January23/ 2023

Rahul Gandhi Jacket

Finally, Jacket! What a sight! Unbelievable though! That is, jacket-wearing Rahul Gandhi with his "trade mark, synonymous with him now even in near-0 degrees, white T-shirt only"; no sooner than this flashed, wild rumours, demeaning caricatures replete even with double entendres, jokes, disparaging remarks ("Chala Murari Hero Banney", "Mr Natwarlal", "Funtoosh" etc) began floating insidiously coupled with "demeaning remarks". But funnily, long before they floated, the rains stopped; Rahul G had already taken off the jacket and was back again in his familiar T-shirt, "not scanty but truly He-Manlike out to conquer the 'united country' in 'next' jiffy". He put on the jacket because it was raining. That then is "finally, jacket"!